The new one-sided Kashmir matt lacquered finish is the star of this composition. It is characterized by the warehouse management of supplies, which surface reaches a high opacity that lasts over time, as it is obtained without the use of opacifying pastes. The new excimer technology modifies the surface structure of the paint from a chemical and physical point of view thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, making the surfaces super-matt, anti-fingerprint, resistant to scratches and extremely soft to the touch.
Why Choose Kashmir: because of the elegant matt effect of its pigmentations. The special painting process makes the surface extremely velvety for a pleasant soft-touch effect. The tests we’ve carried out prove the high hardness and exceptional resistance of this product to scratches and abrasion. Thanks to the excimer technology, fingerprints leave no trace on Kashmir and no particular maintenance is required, since it is very easy to clean by simply using water. Its sanitizing paint is ideal for the kitchen environment and the Mdf Carb-P2 support guarantees greater water resistance and high dimensional stability.
Tall units fronts in Kashmir lacquer in Piombo finish, on wooden panelling in Noce Marcigliana laminate. Revego opening systems allow you to hide the oven and microwave when not in use. The island with fronts in Kashmir Efeso finish is characterized by the use of the removable central groove, also lacquered in the same colour, in order to obtain a pure monochromatic monolith thanks to the Fenix Efeso laminate top with minimum thickness. This creation is completed by the use of folding countertops and shelves of different thicknesses, again in Noce Marcigliana laminate.
An architecture where forms are reduced to minimum: the kitchen consists only of a closet and an island, both enclosed by Kashmir lacquered surfaces in the shades of Piombo and Efeso. The Noce Marcigliana laminate completes this functional and flexible solution in the variations of the countertops, in the folding shelves rather than in the panelling of the wall. It is precisely here that innovative mechanisms intervene that manage to transform even the narrowest spaces into comfortable functional pantries, for all those who are looking for intelligent solutions for space management.
In any type of environment it can happen to have areas that are awkward to use, perhaps because they are adjacent to a wall. Innovative pull-out mechanisms have been designed according to this need, to optimize the available space, even when it is narrow and tall, and to guarantee an always well-organised pantry. They consist of baskets made of oval wire and HPL bottom and allow you to portray the space as a result between functionality and aesthetics, experience of substance and form, making even the most difficult to reach nooks and crannies accessible for greater comfort and usability.