Manufacturers of modular furniture since 1976, ASTRA has always made of quality, planning and design the winning strategies in the world market of the kitchen. ASTRA is a reality increasingly known and appreciated both on the National and Foreign market, able to combine quality and reliability at an ever innovative and creative design, rigorously 'Made in Italy'. ASTRA offers a complete range of Traditional and Modern models, as testimony of a market growth that has strong roots, result of a rich tradition of craftsmanship and passion for their own work, typical of Alto Livenza Furniture Distri

The continuous creation of new models to better interpret the most contemporary lifestyles, some of which are covered by registered patent, have allowed the growth and success of ASTRA, where the highest degree of customization on each item and the high quality standard of the service offered have become the mission and the core business of the Company.

Therefore, all information and details provided are the result of over forty years of study and work with Consumers: a passion that pushes ASTRA to always look for new solutions to make every kitchen a moment of design that lasts
CARB P2 because health is the most precious asset
For over forty years ASTRA Cucine has been an Italian company that strongly believes in the positive forces of our territory: we are proud to be Italian. We have faced difficult months, far from each other but yet strongly united. We have not come out yet, but after a time that has seemed very long, we finally see positive glimpses.
It is time to get busy all together, making the right choices: for this reason we have revolutionized all the company's semi-finished warehouses, replacing the class E1 wood particle cabinets with those that adopt the most restrictive CARB P2 regulation.

It is a decidedly important investment, because it refers to the semi-finished products used in the production of laminate bodies, doors, shelves and worktops, but the utmost attention to the environmental and safety issues of our products were the reasons that prompted us to tackle it without procrastination.
The current European regulation E1 establishes that all types of panels must present Formaldehyde emissions less than or equal to 0.1 ppm, a limit recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Formaldehyde is one of the most important sources of indoor air pollution, because it is a substance that is released into the environment for a long time from furniture, which also cover large domestic surfaces in places where most of the time is spent.

For this reason ASTRA Cucine has decided to use panels in wood agglomerate fiber in class CARB P2 with a Formaldehyde emission <0.065 ppm, a value approximately 35% lower than the European standard used by many of our competitors.

Embracing this regulation testifies now more than ever an extraordinary sensitivity and attention to the health of our Customers, because health ... is truly the most precious asset.
New products, complete furnishing solutions, style suggestions and new sets for the restyling of the company showroom, as a representation of the 2020 design guidelines of the ASTRA Cucine brand. Thanks to the use of suggestive routes, the Company has proposed iconic settings that meet the specific needs of furniture:
To each perosnality a style
To each taste a color
To every desire a form
For each housing geometry the best ecosustainable design solution.
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