Column fronts in black Krekrelle lacquer and base units in dark stone lacquer. The worktop is in Laminated HPL black stone with an integrated sink.
REVEGO mechanisms open up new perspectives for the multifunctional use of space. With fully integrated technology, this sliding pocket door system allows you to enter living spaces to exploit them and then hide them again. The kitchen work area is easily accessible and to close it, it is enough a quick pressure on the door to elegantly conceal the entire area.
To organize the internal space of the kitchen modules, you can use pull-out drawers and deep drawers, which guarantee comfort and concreteness, equipping the tall units with accessories aimed at taking full advantage of the available spaces.
With a simple move, the pull-out drawer or deep basket shows its contents and allows you to reach everything easily.
Minimal opening forces and a smooth sliding of the levitation run increase the comfort of BLUM opening systems, ensuring a marked stability and more noiselessness.
A true “world” of functionality is hidden in the tall units equipped and made with recessed doors, to leave the internal space totally open when required for use.
They are conceived as work areas complete with extractable accessories and they can contain household appliances such as ovens and wine coolers.
Thanks to the TIP-ON movement technology, you can open the doors with a light touch and slide them completely into the pocket.
To close, it is enough a quick pressure on the door and it will be extracted from the pocket and elegantly hide the entire area.
The use of large drawers to equip the base units is the best ally for organizing space in the kitchen. They are functional, silent and sliding with full extension runners for comfortable opening and slow and soft closing, perfectly cushioned. Compared to the base units with doors, they allow an overall view from above and increase the space where you can easily access. They bear considerable loads and in addition to the internal LED lighting, it is possible to configure them with multiple sets of equipment in various materials.
The surface scratching on the edges and on the external side traces precise lines as if it were real leather: this is the KREKRELLE, the peculiar finish of the tall units outcoming of an artisanal process which involves a cycle of polyurethane, ceramic and acrylic lacquering with a result of uniformity and homogeneity on the global surface aesthetically appealing.
A water-based lacquering cycle with blends of 3 different and skilfully dosed natural components allows you to obtain the distinctive STONE effect of the island fronts. The distribution of the speckles over the entire surface is artisanal and not homogeneous; this is the advantage of a unique product skilfully crafted by expert hands.