Column fronts in veneered heat-treated oak with marble processing. Work island in organic glass in matt mud finish. Worktop in AISI 304 Barazza Fuoriserie steel, only 4 mm thick.
The ceiling/floor bookcase is made up of a 20x20 mm metal extrusion in a Metal Grey finish and is available in various heights. Prepared for ceiling fixing with floor adjustment, it supports shelves of different thicknesses, fixed o the relative crosspieces. In this compositional solution it is used as a partition, to solve all the needs of visual and functional separation of the rooms.
Available in various sizes, Telayo glass units are characterized by a metal frame in a Metal Grey finish with a built-in handle grip on the side. They contain a bronzed smoked glass and are equipped with special and high-performance hinges that are concealed in the door profile. The first benefit of this type of hinge is immediately evident: it is about “hiding to show”. In fact, being invisible from the outside, they do not affect the aesthetics and design of the furniture. The glass shelves give further lightness and elegance to the proposal, allowing the internal light to radiate unimpeded throughout the entire compartment.
All-round grip recess end panel develops and finds expression in the divided side, which maintains the linearity of the grooves and the aesthetic continuity of the kitchen fronts. The equipped channel is created to complete the efficiency and practicality of the worktop, providing a place for everything and optimizing body movement near the washing and cooking area. The equipped areas therefore have dish and glass racks, bottle racks and chopping boards, freeing up useful space on the worktop.
The range of custom-made products is the maximum expression of Barazza’s potential, which is able to give matter infinite forms by creating a single steel top that provides all the functions in a space of pure design.
They are “tailored” solutions customised according to needs and include different finishes. In this proposal, the Vintage aesthetic has been selected in line with industrial trends, in the solid top in AISI 304 stainless steel only 4 mm thick.