Fronts in blackboard metal striped lacquer and Botticino laminated HPL worktop with integrated sinks. The paraffin-coated polyester painting of the STRIPED METAL finish, a timeless must in furnishings, gives an unmistakable sheen to the surface and gives it a depth and fullness that are like no other. The deep satin finish is obtained through an artisanal process based on abrasive papers, which allow for a consistent engraving of the support surface which is subsequently pigmented in the various shades.
The MODULAR open pantries are a line of accessories designed to increase the functionality of the kitchen work area, through elements in co-extruded aluminium with a burnished finish. Composed of thin sides only 6 mm thick, they are equipped with easily removable and repositionable accessories and are to all intents and purposes a functional alternative to normal shelves, allowing you to have everything in order and close at hand.
The matt silk grey Legrabox drawer by Blum expresses the most advanced progress in terms of functionality. Linear, sober and essential, it has straight internal and external sides, with a surprisingly thin thickness of only 12.8 mm, which integrate harmoniously into the container unit. It marks a turning point in terms of both technique and design. Even the wide and heavy pot-and-pan drawers have an almost suspended smoothness sliding thanks to a high dynamic load capacity of 40 and 70 kg.