HC.08 High kitchen


Tuttolegno tall units in the veneered finish of Natural Elm, essence also used in the suspended bases of the living area. Base and wall units in SP.22 Hpl Fenix Nero Ingo laminate.
Living tall units are in White Resin laminate.
Worktop is in Hpl Fenix Nero Ingo laminate, while Chiara extendable table has a black telescopic base and its top is customizable in many finishes (in this proposal the Fenix Nero Ingo was preferred).
Fenix is a technological, innovative and design material. It is created through a process in which heat and pressure are applied simultaneously in order to obtain a homogeneous and non-porous product. The external surface is treated with new generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through a process made in laboratory with the aid of nanotechnologies - Electron Beam Curing. With low light reflection, the surface of FENIX is extremely matt, anti- fingerprint and pleasantly soft to the touch. Thermal reparability gives the material the ability to regenerate itself from any surface micro-scratches, even if it is very resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household reagents. It is suitable for contact with food.
Barazza Mizu Kasai is the place where water meets fire. The most advanced design conveys new aesthetic and functional needs: the sinks of Mizu Kasai collection stand out for quality and innovation. Kasai hobs are perfectly coordinated with the sinks, maintaining size and perimeter steel frame and favouring a harmonious overall composition. Blum's matt Silk Grey Legrabox drawer expresses the most advanced progress in terms of functionality. Linear, sober and essential, it has straight internal and external sides, with a surprisingly thin thickness of only 12.8 mm, integrating harmoniously into the storage unit.
Magnetolab in glass finish is proposed between top and wall units. A clear and bright surface on which the accessories mirror themselves and can be moved as needed, as they are equipped with a magnet that allows them to be easily detached and repositioned where they are most comfortable. The absence of screws or fixing systems makes cleaning easier. Inside the dish drainer, hygiene and cleaning are facilitated by the back of the cabinet covered in aluminium. Convenient and practical, an open element for detergents supports the dishwasher in the module with a 75 cm wide front. The stability of the front during opening is guaranteed by a tensioning element positioned inside the open cabinet.
Elm wood, due to its fibrous and linked vein, has an extraordinary resistance. The surface has numerous natural flames that accentuate its value, creating a beautiful design that gives a typically homey sense of warmth to the room. The veneer of the fronts is done manually by combining selected slats to harmoniously emphasize the natural flames of the wood. The panels, after being assembled, are brushed and smoothed in order to enhance their materiality. Then they are painted with several coats in order to protect the essence from external agents, while maintaining all its naturalness to the touch.
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