HC.08 High kitchen


SP.22 columns in matt lacquered Lead with metallic effect, same finish proposed in the base units of the cooking area of the island. In the washing area, SP.22 model is always used for the base units, but in HPL with Unicolor Kanè edge finish. The matching worktop to these it is in Stream stratified HPL, to create a solid in purity. In the Living the suspended base units are veneered Tuttolegno Crude Split Knotted Oak, the same material proposed in the counter and in the panelling of the Vertigo metal elements inserted in the column system.

The Metallic effect lacquering

The Metallic effect lacquering derives from a painting process that involves the application of a layer of white polyester used as a base on a stabilizing MDF panel. Subsequently, 5 to 6 layers of pigmented components are applied by hand which give the matt metallic effect over the entire surface, including the edges.

The pigmentation is fixed to the support and protected by an opaque acrylic paint and, thanks to the craftsmanship of smoothing and brushing, we obtain the glossy effect.
The stratified HPL is a laminate internally made up of layers of cellulosic fibres impregnated with phenolic resins, while the external layers are impregnated with thermosetting resins. Everything undergoes the polycondensation of the resins with a strong pressure, combined with heat.
The "space of ideas " is the desire to find effective solutions to enhance the pantry. In the background, the ceiling / floor bookcase is made up of a 20x20 mm metal extrusion in Metal Grey finish available in various heights. Prepared for ceiling fixing with floor adjustment, it supports shelves of different thickness, fixed to the relative crosspieces.The processing of the sloping edge of the snack counter in Crude Knotted Oak gives lightness to this kitchen area, where it is possible to sit informally on the stool to have a meal or breakfast without setting the table, like in a pub.


The vertical metal elements of the Vertigo system create new spaces in the home environment, giving character to the proposal. The wide range of available sizes and the particularity of customizing backpanel and shelves, allows you to obtain an equipped wall with an airy and dynamic effect, in contrast to the will of concealing details as occurs in columns with retractable doors. They are specially equipped to create a lot of available space for storing tools, accessories and even household appliances, making it visible and usable only when needed.
Oak is a very hard wood whose peculiar characteristics are resistance and sturdiness, a quality that improves with aging. An important feature of the veneers is the symmetry of the design given by the veins of the trunk from which it was obtained.
ASTRA Cucine has decided to make the half flame Oak variant available to obtain fronts with a more homogeneous grain, while the Split Knotted Oak variant emphasizes the morphological characteristics of a unique material, where cracks, knots, and color variations are a guarantee of the naturalness of the product.
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