Central island, columns and wall washing area with doors in special lacquered Rigato Metal Bronzo. Botticino Full Color HPL laminate layered worktop. Base opening with removable central flat groove system only; the Tip-on system was used in the wall pantries and the Integra and Short Integra recessed handle in the Metal Gray finish in the solutions with retractable doors. In the background, the Telayo glass cabinets in the Metal Gray finish with smoked glass. The containers and their backs are in thermostructured Noce Giffoni with integrated LED lighting. Slim shelves in burnished metal above the sink and Modular Isola Large pantry with coextruded structure in burnished aluminum above the island.
The high impermeability of HPL plays in favor of its use to integrate the sink into the worktop, to benefit the stylistic homogeneity of the proposal. It is a certified material particularly suitable for contact with food, which offers the possibility of obtaining material surfaces with high functional and aesthetic virtues, pleasant both to the eye and to the touch.
The containment changes gear and accelerates towards an idea of greater usable space where the columns become chests that reveal built-in appliances and operating areas.
Thanks to the installation of pull-out shelves inside the equipped column, the working surface is expanded when necessary, increasing the functionality and practicality of the storage unit.
Available in various sizes, Telayo glass units are characterized by a metal frame in a Metal Grey finish with a built-in handle grip on the side. They contain a smoked bronzed glass and are equipped with special and performing concealed hinges in the door profile. The first benefit of this type of hinge is immediately obvious: it is about “hide to show”. In fact, being invisible from the outside, they do not affect the aesthetics and design of the furniture. The glass shelves give further lightness and elegance to the proposal, allowing the internal light to radiate unimpeded throughout the entire compartment.
When architecture becomes light, it defines more flexible environments, overcoming the concept of the traditional kitchen in favor of the free design of tailor-made spaces.
An important island customized by the Modular accessory on the worktop and a series of column cupboards are perfectly integrated into the domestic space where everything superfluous has been eliminated.
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