HC.08 High kitchen


Tuttolegno cantilever columns and wall units in Canaletto Walnut veneer with Brianza finish, essence used in the base units of washing wall and in those ones placed inside the operating island, under the cooking. The bases in the front of the island and the dish drainer wall units are SP.22 in HPL with Unicolor Moiet edge, material also used for the top.
Galvamet’s Kompak suction cooking hob is evident on this area. Elegant Filogiorno elements in Brianza Walnut essence mitigate with style the monolithic effect of the island, ideally merging the granite purity of this.

Canaletto Walnut

Canaletto Walnut is a wood native of North American continent and it is so called because the channels that carry chlorophyll are more visible than European walnut. It is rich of brown shades in all its veins, which make it particularly pleasant and suitable for multiple combinations with other materials with very strong pigmentations.

ASTRA Cucine uses this essence in the Brianza Walnut variant and in the Chocolate Walnut variant. They are special varnishes that accentuate the elegant flamed grain texture of this wood, which is characterized by its very compact fiber.
Built-in dishwasher in the tall unit is a very convenient type of installation, since the appliance is ergonomically usable thanks to its raised positioning. In detail, the Integra profile, a technical grip solution embedded in the door that offers the essential design and functionality of kitchens without external handles. In the tall units, to avoid the imperfection of doubling the handle, the Short Integra solution is preferred on the upper front and it is available in Metal Grey, White and Brushed Aluminium finishes. In case of tall units with full door, the Integra and Short Integra profiles are also available for vertical installation.
HPL laminate [ith Unicolor edge is a practical, hygienic, waterproof and scratch resistant material. Perfect in the kitchen because it combines practicality and aesthetics, it is available in a wide range of colors and finishes with faithful reproductions of stone and marble.
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