Use of metal in the kitchen, both as characterizing element and as element of customization, gives uniqueness and character to the whole composition. The vertically developed metal elements of VERTIGO system create new space in the domestic environment.
Wide range of available sizes and the peculiarity of customizing back panel and shelves allows to obtain an equipped wall with an airy and dynamic effect, turning the kitchen into a functional and versatile space against the trend to hide details.
VERTIGO is a system made up of 20x20 mm quadrangular tubular modules that allows numerous compositions, keeping an aesthetic uniformity.
Used as open pantries and included in the tall units system in this kitchen, they become extremely functional and give a movement effect to the entire ATELIER composition with Ecru lacquered pickled Ash frontals. These elements play with the “all-atsight” design as always accessible containers by leaving on hand objects used frequently.
Inside the corner, we highlight SIGE 350 ME soft-closing pull-out mechanism with four baskets in painted sheet metal. They are equipment that shape and redesign spaces of the kitchen cabinets, giving the possibility to manage various need in a comfortable and functional way. The sophisticated colours of these accessories are mixed with the tones of natural materials of the furnishing, creating an elegant aesthetic taste as shown in the Natural Knotted Oak countertop, projected to the HPL Akita with Unicolor edge worktop.
Lower ceiling, natural light, sometimes rough finishes: an apparently unconventional conversation place, where objects relate in the glass unit reflections. Glass doors are an element of strong characterisation and represent a timeless choice that gives a leading role to the living room in the domestic environment. Glass shelves give further lightness and elegance at the composition, allowing the light to radiate without obstacles inside the whole space and giving in this way a pleasant sensation of refinement.
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