Old Line


Old Line base units and wall units in the Argilla decapè lacquered version. SP.22 columns and cantilevered wall units and wall units in Resina Grafite textured laminate. The worktop is in Pulpis Dark layered, with the integrated Schock sink in crystal quartz absolute black. In the Old Line fronts of the base units the Factory handle was preferred. The Chiara table with the textured laminate top in Resina Grafite and the Mani chairs with black structure and seat complete the proposal, mirrored in the reflections of the large windows of the kitchen.


The decapè is an ancient decorative practice for painting wood, dating back to France in the first half of the eighteenth century. A base colour is applied to the pigmentation of the wooden surface, which is then dried for some time. Then we proceed with the covering of the colour that must be brushed, that is the one that will only go into the pores of the wood. The contrast between these two colours creates the pickled effect, the result
Designed to eliminate the damage caused by water, steam and oil seepage, the HPL layer is heat, scratch and abrasion resistant. It is a laminate built internally by layers of cellulosic fibres impregnated with phenolic resins, while the outer layers are impregnated with thermosetting resins. For this reason, it is easy to clean and maintain and it is proposed as a worktop, with the possibility of requesting integrated basins.
Available in various sizes, Telayo glass cabinets are characterized by the metal frame in Metal Grey finish with the handle grip on the side. They contain a smoked bronzed glass and are equipped with special and high-performance concealed hinges in the profile of the door. The first advantage of this type of hinge is immediately obvious: it is about “hide to show”. In fact, being invisible from the outside, they do not affect the aesthetics and design of the furniture. The glass shelves give further lightness and elegance to the proposal, allowing the internal light to radiate unhindered the entire compartment.

Blum’s Legrabox

Blum’s Legrabox Silk Grey drawer expresses the most advanced progress in functionality. Linear, sober and essential, it has straight internal and external walls, with a surprisingly thin thickness of only 12.8 mm, which integrate harmoniously into the cabinet. The baskets under the cooking area have been equipped with the accessories of the Alux line of Essetre, while the convenient removable dustbin “571” for the base allows a remarkable and easy separate collection.
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