As a noble and ancient material, real wood transmits sensations that only natural materials can inspire.
Solid wood frame of ATELIER kitchenin fine essences of Oak or Ash is realized with plant-delivered raw materials, respecting future generations. They follow strict environmental standards thanks to the collaboration with the best technological industry partners, because wood is a living material which represents the direct bond with nature more than any others.
The washing-area peninsula is characterized by Fenix Cacao Orinoco worktop. It is a homogeneous and nonporous high density product with unique features: it stands out for its low light reflection and it is therefore extremely mat, silky at touch and most of all restorable in case of micro scratches. Smooths fronts are expressed in SP.22 Cacao mat lacquered model, in order to create a monochromatic monolith. Metal Grey “Accakappa” recessed handle is preferred for the opening of these fronts and it almost disappears in the peninsula volume.
Tall units with SP.22 smooth door are in Cacao mat lacquered pigmentation and have built-in appliances, such as the oven and the large Everest fridge with net capacity of 400 litres, which provides up to 40% more space.
The tall unit where the fridge is built is 75cm wide and it ends with Filogiorno XXL element marked by ten dividers.
Detailed and well showed is the depth increase of the worktop surface together with the backsplash in the same finish, where hood and “Vintage” hanging tool bar have been placed.
In this solution the ability to associate two different finishes in the same base is best represented. The possibility of splitting out the containment space of the base unit in the lower part with a height 60 cm door allows to create above a space for a height 12 cm drawer, where you can put cutlery trays of different finishes. The mechanical TIP-ON support by BLUM has been preferred to open this drawer with a simple touch, avoiding in this way the handle. To close it, just press gently the frontal of the drawer itself.
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