The Superior at Venice

CITY: Venice - California (USA)
YEAR: 2007
CUSTOMER: Cucine Italia Inc.
PROJECT: Residential
Designed by Kanner Architects, this three story, 38 unit (36 one bedrooms and 2 two bedroom/ two bath units) courtyard apartment building is located in Venice, California. It is a brisk walk from the World Famous Venice Beach and Boardwalk; and is the recipient of temperate weather and fresh ocean breezes. The building is thoughtfully modernist, with long horizontal elevations intended to be in harmony and scale with its community and passers-by. Open to the vibrant Venice Boulevard, the sun filled courtyard engages the street and spatially splits the massing into two long rectangular buildings connected by a delicate trace work of bridges and walkways. Balconies protrude and indent into the facades to insulate residents from the street activity and shade the interiors from bright sunlight. The courtyard area with built in barbeque provides living/-entertaining space for all to enjoy.