Vertical development solutions for your open space, with Industrial style pantries with smooth lines and compact volumes or with gentle and elegant glass units.
Open spaces are very loved for the unique spatiality they offer and for the atmosphere the Living creates on open kitchen. For this reason, the Living is interpreted by ASTRA Cucine as a value of continuity typical of the kitchen, an integrated solution that maintains its aesthetics, tidy spaces and the uniformity of the modules.

It is a new way of conceiving the home environment, to interpret and furnish the space beyond the kitchen and always interconnected with a touch of style.


At full volume: the pantries in the Living area offer functional solutions that become design elements with slender lines and compact volumes; an evolved environment oriented towards new and wider possibilities of use.

Inspired by the urban walls typical of industrial architecture thanks to the concrete effect finishes and resins, these pantries reproduce the essentiality and depth of a concrete or spatula plaster wall, directly on the ground thanks to the adjustable feet as if it were the architectural context of the home environment


A lower ceiling, natural lighting, sometimes rough finishes: an apparently unconventional place for conversation where objects are told in the reflections of the glass doors. These constitute an element of strong characterization and represent a timeless choice, to give the Living a leading role in the home environment.

The glass shelves give further lightness and elegance to the proposal, allowing the internal light to radiate unhindered throughout the entire compartment, giving a pleasant sensation of refinement.
P.I. - Reg. Impr. 00740610274 - Cap. sociale int. versato: € 900.000,00