There are kitchens with style, ... but have only one.
The MODERN LINE by ASTRA is an absolute novelty, with inspirations rich in tradition in a modern kitchen, for breaking the rules with elegance.
01 ZEN
Our furniture compositions have been carefully designed so as not to have any clearly defined boundaries or limitations, but rather to be shaped to taste, to suit any domestic space.
02 EGO
EGO is the framed-door kitchen. It features a modern design and perfectly brings together a romantic feel and minimalist touches. EGO is a combinations of colours, materials and pairings with smooth-fronted doors. This makes for a really versatile kitchen
LINE offers the image of a kitchen with clean and essential lines which coexist harmoniously in the different solutions proposed below.
04 SP 22
Designed with contemporary alternating rhythms, sp.22 assumes a strong identity when it relies on flexible geometric shapes, achieved through the perfect combinations of straight lines and sinuous curves.
We can safely say that there are kitchens that boast style,....however, they boast just the one style. ASTRA’s OLD LINE takes a never-seenbefore approach, taking inspiration from the past and applying it to a modern kitchen.
P.I. - Reg. Impr. 00740610274 - Cap. sociale int. versato: € 900.000,00