An exclusive and attractive surface where the consistency between form and function is emphasized integrating the concept of ergonomics, for a beautiful and at the same time very functional proposal
01 HC08
A moment before the design, the imagination intervenes: This is how HC.08 is born, from a stroke of a pencil to engineering, an integrated furniture system for the whole kitchen environment, built to be unique, because innovation is the best of renewable energy.
Born from an inspiration bounded to the real MADE IN ITALY tradition, ATELIER kitchen represents a model of elegance, a synthesis of different styles put together in a door shape which expresses balance between classical proportions and formal neatness of contemporary taste.
Industrial furnishings have seen increasing popularity, dating back to the 1950s when in New York many old abandoned warehouses and factories were reconverted into lofts.
Our everyday  living areas  open up and  adapt to more fluid  movements and habits:  it is here  that our creativity  begins.
05 XXL
The XXL project can be fully customised, tapping into a wide range of materials and finishes to create a unique, special kitchen with a bold character and a strong design element.
P.I. - Reg. Impr. 00740610274 - Cap. sociale int. versato: € 900.000,00